Three types of accommodation are offered at Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home: basic (ward), semi-private and private rooms. Each room includes a washroom, bed, wardrobe and nightstand.

Resident accommodation co-payment fees, including the minimum and the maximum daily charges, are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. For more information please see our Rates page.


The main entrance doors are to be used upon entering or exiting the facility. A coded access control system is mounted at each entrance of the facility to ensure the safety of our residents.

Residents' Rooms

Residents are encouraged to bring in a favourite chair, lamp, plants, afghans and pictures to make their room more homelike, personal and comfortable. Residents are provided with a bulletin board for their room, to keep things neat and tidy. For safety and appearance reasons, please consult with the charge nurse before hanging pictures or rearranging furniture. You may wish to decorate with a bedspread other than the one provided. Residents/families must consult with the charge nurse before purchasing personal appliances or operating such appliances in the facility.


We have provided televisions in the common areas for the residents use. Should a resident prefer to have his/her own television in his/her room, cable is available for a modest monthly charge. In the interest of safety, we request that any electrical equipment brought into the facility be checked by our Maintenance Department to ensure it is CSA approved before it is used. Residents making use of radios and televisions will be expected to respect the rights of other residents. Earphones are required.


Telephones are available to accommodate telephone calls for residents. Should telephone calls be part of the resident's regular routine, we suggest the installation of a private phone line. You may contact Amtelecom (519) 793-3111 to arrange for installation.


There is a computer for resident use under the supervision of the Activation staff located in the Auditorium.  For a monthly fee, wireless internet service is available for residents in some areas of the facility.