Basic Care, Programs and Services

The following programs and services are available to all residents within the facility at no additional cost. These services are mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

  • nursing and personal care on a 24 hour basis, including care given by or under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Registered Practical Nurse, the administration of medication and assistance with activities of daily living.

  • supplies and equipment for personal hygiene and grooming, including skin care lotions, shampoos, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture cups and denture cleansers, toilet tissue, facial tissue, hair brushes, combs, feminine hygiene products, 'in house' incontinent products.

  • meal service and meals, including three meals daily, an alternative choice lunch and supper, snacks, texture modified and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and assistive devices for self-feeding.

  • social, recreational and physical activities and programs, including related supplies and equipment.

  • rehabilitation services and some related supplies/equipment.

  • laundry, including labeling, machine washing and drying of personal clothing.

  • bedding, and linen including mattresses, pillows, bed linen, wash cloths and towels.

  • bedroom furnishings include hospital-type adjustable bed with bed rails, bedside table and wardrobe

  • standard ward accommodation.

  • use of the infirmary room when required and if available.

  • all other services as outlined in the Long Term Care legislation.

Additional Health Care Services

Note: the cost of some of these services are not covered under the contract with Golden Dawn but may be covered by government programs.

  • occupational and/or physiotherapy: i.e. assistive devices

  • dental services: may not be available in house

  • optometry

  • audiology

  • medications/treatments - including over-the-counter medications, dispensary fees: medications/treatments are prescribed by the doctor only and are administered by a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse. No medications of any kind may be brought to the resident or left in the resident's room without the consent of the health care team. Not all medications/treatments are covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit program (ODB) or the Government Pharmacy. There may be a charge for drugs not covered.

  • advanced foot-care services by qualified practitioner


  • Common dining room, family type setting

  • Menus developed and approved by Registered Dietitian

Common Areas & Services

  • Three intimate lounge settings, a quiet room, auditorium and outdoor pergola and patio

  • Two multi-purpose rooms for activities, meetings, and special gatherings

  • Hair Salon

  • Auditorium utilized as a chapel, activity room, resident council room. This space also features kitchen facilities for baking groups.Courtyard & Garden

Outdoor Enjoyment

  • Landscaped Gardens

  • Pergola and patio seating

  • Barbeque

Lifestyle services

Social, recreational and physical activity programs available including related supplies, equipment and staff.