Our priority is the care of our residents in a setting they are proud to call home.

We are committed to caring for our residents with compassion and understanding, always remembering our mission to serve those for whom we are responsible.

We preserve the dignity and worth of each resident based on the belief that all people in our community have an equal right to be provided with quality care.

We promote dignity, self-worth, and a sense of individuality among our residents.

We respect each resident’s right to independence and personal choice by welcoming participation in decisions affecting their daily lives.

We involve the community as active participants by utilizing volunteers to enrich daily activities and foster positive relationships.

Our exceptional service is provided by dedicated, highly skilled healthcare professionals and support workers who have truly embraced our priority of care and service to our seniors.

We endeavour to achieve a balance between a long-term care setting and providing a home like environment for residents.

Together we strive to inspire a sense of family.